See How Our Bridges, Partial and Full Dentures in Midland MI Restore Your Smile

Some patients come in wishing to fill the gaps in their smile. Boss & Rorvik Family Dental currently offers a wide range of cosmetic services to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. From dental bridges, to partials, or dentures in Midland MI, we have what you need to restore your smile to its former glory.
Our dental bridges in Midland MI are a great option if a patient has more than one tooth that needs to be replaced. They allow you to insert multiple crowns to create a complete smile. Bridges are made from several materials such as gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of them. Bridges have several benefits for your health as well as aesthetically. Speech and chewing ability will be improved with the addition of bridges. They will also help keep your youthful appearance because they will add extra support to your facial structure. Bridges will also maintain the health of your natural teeth and prevent them from shifting.
Partial dentures are removable dentures to fill in gaps in a patient’s smile. They’re a great option for patients to complete their natural smile. If a patient experiences tooth loss, their bite pressure shifts. The addition of partial dentures to your natural teeth maintains a healthy bite pressure and restores functionality. Partial dentures are less invasive way and maintain the health of your existing teeth.
Full Dentures can replace missing teeth and give you a brand new smile. Our dentures in Midland MI are removable and can either replace all teeth or cover some natural teeth. They can provide support for facial structure and give the patient the confidence of a beautiful smile. Uncomfortable dentures are difficult to get used to, but we encourage you to let us know about any discomfort you’re experiencing. Follow up with Drs. Rorvik and Boss to make sure your dentures are the right fit for you and don’t need adjustment.
To learn more information about bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures at Boss & Rorvik Family Dental, call (989) 631-2900. Our team is always looking forward to hearing from you!