Dental Crowns in Midland MI

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that can be used for several cosmetic procedures to either replicate a natural looking tooth, or to strengthen a weak tooth. If the damage to a tooth is severe, our dental crowns in Midland MI are needed to protect the tooth from further damage.
Dental crowns can be used for several different cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rorvik or Dr. Boss may recommend dental crowns if you have one of the following:
• Dental implants
• Too much decay for a filling
• Root canal treatment
• Your tooth is weak
They are commonly used for cosmetic purposes to complete a smile that may have previously lost teeth due to decay or trauma. They are completely natural looking and can be made from ceramic, porcelain, resin, or stainless steel. If you are going to be getting a crown for cosmetic purposes, you will most likely want a ceramic or porcelain crown.
dental crowns midland mi boss and rorvik dentistryThe process of getting a dental crown will take two visits. At the first visit, our Midland, MI cosmetic dentist will shave down the affected tooth to prepare it for the crown. Then an impression of the area will be made in order to create your custom crown. You will be given a temporary crown to protect the area until your next visit. At the second visit, we will secure the permanent crown in place using a special adhesive. As time passes, the new crown will feel more comfortable and will be a natural addition to your smile.
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