Our Midland Dentists Provide Dental Fillings to Restore and Strengthen Your Smile

cavity treatment midland mi boss and rorvik dentistryFillings are used to restore a cracked or decayed teeth. Cavities can sometimes create so much damage to a tooth that it needs to be filled in. Bacteria can build up in the cracks of your teeth if left untreated. Fillings also prevent against future decay. There are two different types of fillings currently offered here at Rorvik & Boss Family Dental. Amalgam fillings are silver and they are relatively inexpensive. They last a long time and are best suited for back molars. The color makes them very visible, so would not be recommended for front teeth. We also offer composite fillings which are made of ceramic particles and meant to match the color of your smile. They are not the most ideal option for large fillings due to the fact that they can experience wear and tear over time, so our Midland dentists will discuss whether this is the right option for you.
How Composite Fillings are Done
The first step in getting a filling is numbing the affected area. Next they will remove any tooth decay or bacteria from the crack on the tooth. Then we will fill the space with your determined material. The whole process is quick and simple and will be done within an hour. Afterwards, you should adjust your oral care routine to include sensitive teeth products. You may experience some mild pain and discomfort following this procedure, so just be careful with your teeth for a few days.
affordable dentist midland mi boss and rorvik dentistryIf you have already gotten a filling but it seems to have experienced damage over the years, or if it is loose, call our office and schedule a checkup with our Midland dentists just so that we can make sure nothing has gone awry. If you have gotten a filling recently, but you see that there may have been some detachment, come in for an adjustment. Any space in the tooth will be highly susceptible to bacteria and will need to be taken care of as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage or infection.
If you would like to learn more about cavity fillings, call Boss & Rorvik Family Dental at (989) 631-2900 today. Our Midland dentists want the best for your smile, so don’t h