Battle Dental Emergencies with Our Dentist Open Late in Midland MI

You may not always be able to prevent a dental emergency, but there are some ways you may be able to reduce your risk. With proper dental care and regular visits to our dentist open late in Midland MI, you can protect your healthy smile. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your smile safe with some minor lifestyle adjustments.
Take Great Care of Your Smile
Going above and beyond to take care of your smile will actually help protect you from some dental emergencies. Many oral health emergencies actually begin as simple dental decay or gum disease. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to major oral infection and even tooth loss.
To avoid these common dental health emergencies, we recommend that patients take excellent care of their smiles. That means brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, and even rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash. If you think you may be developing some dental decay or gum disease, schedule a visit with our dentist open  late in Midland MI.
Visit Our Office Regularly
Brushing is not enough to keep your smile safe from harm. Plaque that hardens into tartar can only be removed through the process of scaling, which is done at your regular dental cleaning. If not removed, the tartar will eat away at your enamel and contribute to decay and oral infection. That is why it is so important to visit our dentist open late in Midland MI every six months for a proper cleaning.
This also gives us a chance to evaluate your smile for any irregularities or concerns. Many dental health emergencies can be treated more easily if they are caught early, so stay on top of your regular appointment. Early detection can save your smile from serious damage and it can save you thousands on emergency dental care.
Stick to a Smile-Friendly Diet
Sugary and acidic foods can be really damaging to your teeth and gums, so we recommend reducing your consumption and brushing after eating anything potentially harmful. Nutritious fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dairy products, and even water call all help protect your smile! A healthy diet strengthens your enamel, promotes saliva production, and fights off oral bacteria.
That is why a well-balanced diet can help protect your smile from preventable dental health issues in the future. Following a smile-friendly diet can help reduce your risk for experiencing a dental health issue related to gum disease and dental decay. If your smile has been affected by sugar or acidic foods, schedule a dental cleaning with our dentist open late in Midland MI.
To learn more about how you can protect your smile from dental decay, call our dentist open late in Midland MI. You can schedule a visit by calling our office at (989) 631-2900.