Straightening Your Smile With ClearCorrect in Midland MI

Alignment trays are one of the most innovative dental treatments on today's market. ClearCorrect is one of the leading brands of clear aligners because they are a tried and true method of straightening your smile without hassle. Many patients prefer clear alignment technology over traditional braces because they are more convenient and don't require the use of wires or brackets. This allows patients to straighten their teeth without feeling insecure or self-conscious when it comes to their smile's appearance. Keep reading to find out if ClearCorrect in Midland MI would be right for your smile.
What Makes ClearCorrect Unique
ClearCorrect is unique because it uses a thermoplastic material that is custom created to fit snugly on your smile. Each alignment tray is made to gradually shift your smile into the desired position. Clear alignment technology allows patients to get the smile of their dreams without needing metal wires or brackets. This means that their journey to a straighter smile will be virtually invisible. Clear aligners are comfortable, convenient, and easy to care for. You can expect an easy experience when you choose to take advantage of ClearCorrect in Midland MI.
An Easy to Transition to a Straighter Smile
Clear alignment technology is a great option for anyone looking to close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and even to correct a misaligned bite. This treatment is ideal for any patient who is looking to transition into a straighter smile without the permanence of traditional braces. Trays can be easily removed for cleaning or eating, which offers a unique level of convenience that traditional braces simply do not. Treatment typically lasts about a year and the trays will be replaced every few weeks. This allows for a gradual adjustment to your smile so that you can seamlessly get the straight and beautiful smile of your dreams!
Caring for your Alignment Trays
With proper care and maintenance, your alignment trays will stay crystal clear. Make sure you take them out whenever you are eating or drinking, and stay away from hot liquids when you are wearing them. To clean your ClearCorrect in Midland MI, just soak them in denture cleaner or wash them with gentle hand soap. Do not scrub the aligners or use a toothbrush & toothpaste to clean them. That could cause the thermoplastic to become discolored or cloudy, and you may need to have them replaced. Don't soak them in hot water because they could become warped and lose their effectiveness.
ClearCorrect Can Improve your Oral Health
Working towards a straighter smile will also help you protect your healthy smile! Straighter teeth make it easier to brush and floss, and it leaves less hard-to-reach areas. A crooked smile may be at a higher risk for dental decay and gum disease. By taking advantage of ClearCorrect technology, you are going the extra mile to protect your beautiful and healthy smile!
To find out if ClearCorrect in Midland MI is right for you, schedule a visit with our team. We can help you get the beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams! Call our office at (989) 631-2900 to book your next visit.